Conway’s game of life

Today I randomly decided to try and replicate the game of life using SDL2 and C++.

Surprisingly I got pretty far in one go and didn’t scrap the idea after 10 minutes but in the end I realized that my version doesn’t behave like the actual game of life, since it doesn’t exactly follow the rules.

Anyway, the game basically consists of a square field which is devided up into cells. These cells can either be alive or dead.

The state of cells can change by the following rules:

  • If a dead cell is surrounded by exactly three living cells it’ll become alive in the next generation.
  • If a living cell has only one living neighbor it’ll die in the next generation
  • If a living cell has two or three living neighbors it’ll stay alive
  • If a living cell is surrounded by four or more living cells it’ll die

Surrounding means all eight cells around it, directly connected or diagonally. Seems simple enough right? Well I still managed to fudge it up, since mine doesn’t quite stick to these rules, but it still produces some cool results.


So, yeah don’t expect too much it’s only about 300 lines of bad structured c++. And as always here’s the sourcecode and binaries. (Also includes a linux build)


CS:GO Text generator

Another .NET App

This time it’s a console application though. And it’s purpose is rather questionable. What it basically does is generate a random sentence made out of random cyrillic letters, inserting words like “vodka” or “cyka” at certain occasions.

Yeah a very deep and useful application to communicate with all those random russians writing in the csgo chat, not knowing that noone will understand them.

Just to be clear: I made this for fun, and not to make fun of anybody or anything.

As I did the last time, here’s the sourcecode:

and the binary download (Archive Password is 1234):

To use the program, simply open it, set your desired keybind, and when in the csgo chat press it to generate a random sentence. The program minimizes into your system traybar.