So I’ve been using beam.pro now and then and I also did a few test streams. The problem I had is that since I don’t have a second monitor looking at the chat is rather hard when working on something that takes up your entire screen.

I tried to use an old laptop that I have to open up the embeded chat, so it could act as a second monitor. Sadly the old Pentium III and only 256 MB of ram couldn’t handle the beam.pro site even with arch linux and dwm. Which is probably nothing surprising, since that laptop is probably over 10 years old.

But then I discovered, that beam has it’s own API for java and a very handy tutorial which thoroughly describes how to use the API, so that even I could understand it, I started to write a chat client for Beam.

So only after about two hours I got a basic chat client which logs you in, echos all messages and lets you send your own.

After a few more hours I got username formatting with colors, if supported and your usual IRC formatting (eg. @, &, ~ etc.) if colors aren’t supported by the terimal. I also added a ping sound if someone mentions your name, and I’m working on some simple commands like listing current users.

This is an older version, but as you can see it’s running and even that old laptop runs with over 100 MB of RAM free and only about 10% CPU usage out of 1.1 GHz.

Obviously Java isn’t the goto language if you’re looking for high performance, so maybe I’ll see if I can rewrite this with the Python version of the API.

To keep the tradition going here’s the sourcecode and the binaries.

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