So my schedule for writng these things is rather random and so I thought I just I’d write about this pretty interesting tool: tox or rather utox. Tox is a chat protocoll which is focused on being fully encrypted and decentralized. Making it a very good alternative to other services which do not provide this level of security and privacy.

Tox is opensource and thus allows everyone to make their own chat client. The one I use is utox. It’s a lightweight program that runs on all major operating systems including mobiles.

uTox offers a bright and dark theme

Another goal of tox clients is to offer a zero configuration experience. No installation process and no setup time, just launch it and it works. When launching any client that uses the tox protocoll you’ll get a tox ID. This is what other people need to add you as a friend. The ID is a ~76 character long string consisting of letters and numbers, so it’s rather hard to remember but if you’re using uTox you can get yourself a tox ID which looks something like this: That way people have it easier adding you.

Now the cool thing about tox that it isn’t limited to text, it allows you to quickly share screenshots of your desktop or just any file you have laying around with no maximum file limit. You can also do voice calls or video calls, in which you can use your desktop as a video input to share your desktop. Those things can also be done with multiple people in a groupchat.

Left: uTox on Linux / Right: Antox on Android

So to sum it up it’s a pretty useful tool that doesn’t hurt to try out. It’s still in early development though so you’ll experience some bugs and missing features.

btw my tox id is

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