Rocket League on Linux

So recently Rocket League got a linux version, which is currently in beta. But since I’m currently using Linux more than windows I thought I’d give it a try.

On Windows my controller just works when plugged in and is directly configured correctly. On linux, sadly it needs a little more work. Nothing surprising. So what I did was look around and found out that the default driver for controllers and joysticks, xpad, does not support Xbox controllers and any controllers that mimic them. Mine is some cheap Xbox 360 knockoff but it works just like an original one and I never had any issues on Windows.

So for linux, you’ll need a custom driver called xboxdrv. For the arch linux users, you can get it on the AUR here. I suggest you use an extention for pacman to support the AUR like yaourt, which makes installing software from the AUR a whole lot easier.

So when I got my hands on xboxdrv I started it as root (which is required) just to find out that Rocket League does not like it. Loading the driver works perfectly and programs like PPSSPP or other games work just fine. But in Rocket League I had several problems like constanly going in reverse without pressing any button, constantly looking up and other strange mismappings for the buttons. So after a lot of googling I stumbled upon someone else who happened to have issues with Rocket League and his controller as well. He posted his config for xboxdrv, which I promptly tried out and reduced to the important part. And with that config it worked perfectly without any issues and the exact same button mappings as on windows.

So here’s what I did:

Write this to a config file e.g. /home/username/xboxdrv.conf

 silent = true
 mimic-xpad = true

and then run xboxdrv with the config:

$ sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver --config /home/username/xboxdrv.conf

And that’s it you can set it up so the driver runs in the background as a daemon but I’m waay to lazy to do that since I only need it for Rocket League 😛

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