Even though they take up a considerable amount of my time, I haven’t written about games on this blog. At least not directly and as the title obviously says I’m about to change that.

I heard about Overwatch pretty early on when it was announced through a youtuber and livestreamer who goes by names star_, ster or niichts. He gained most of his viewer base through his TeamFortress 2 videos. Since Overwatch has been compared to TF2 ever since the day it was announced it was obvious that many TF2 players would be interested in Overwatch because it would give them something new. I played the open beta and like many other players I had the wrong assumption that Overwatch would be free so it could compete with TF2. I was prepared to pay for the game but sadly most big titles nowadays start at 50 bucks which was too much for a game which I’d barely played. So I didn’t touch the game until November at which point they reduced the price to 35 Euros. Still more than what I’d usually pay for a game but after the first free weekend a few weeks back I finally had to get the game.

At the beginning I already noticed a few flaws which are obviously connected with the fact that I was new to the game: The game had been out for over five months so as a newbie you only get to play with people who have played the game for well over a hundred hours. The matchmaking is supposed to look for players in your skill level, but it made it look like there was not a single other person in Europe which was my skill level since I almost always matched up with people over level hundred. This kinda ruined the initial experience since I basically lost every single game and the ones I won I could’ve probably idled afk in spawn because my team was doing all the work.

Now that I’m around level 80 (which is actually pretty low considering the fact that I have the game for about five months) this has more or less stopped. But there’s still a general pattern of continuous loosing or winning streaks. It just seems like either you get steam rolled by the other team or you are the one steam rolling. There’s very few games that I’d rate as “just right” in terms of skill distribution among the teams. My biggest complaint at this point is the queue times. Launching the game on a Friday evening you still have to queue around two minutes and up.

This certainly isn’t always the case but it happens more often than I’d like to admit. It just seems like the player base of the game isn’t that big when looking at something like CounterStrike where the competitive queue times are usually around 15 seconds.

Summing it up the game is certainly a lot of fun but there’s still room for improvement in some cases like the fact that they just *NEED* to use their own distribution software called Blizzard App (formerly battle.net). I just hate that I have to start up a second program just to play this game. I never played any other Blizzard titles and I don’t plan on doing so in the future. Why can’t we just all agree on one service which in this case would be steam. It has all needed features in one place and even offers a better overlay in my opinion. But Blizzard is not the only one desperatly trying to force their own launcher on the user (eg. EA and Ubisoft

Would I recommend Overwatch? If you liked Team Fortress chances are you’d enjoy it, but you probably try it on a free weekend or watch a few videos to see if you like it. Also the price is still pretty high.

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