A lot of people use Gmail. It seems to have become a standart for email adresses just like most other google services. My google account to this day is linked to my old email address not because I dislike Gmail but because my account is already linked to a gmail which has a completely random and weird name so I can’t use it.

Gmail is definetely a good service. The web interface and the spam detection is pretty good, but is it really necessary that google gets another oppertunity to collect data? They say that they care about privacy but I still don’t think it’s needed. Also I kinda started disliking gmail addresses because so many people use them as their business addresses which is really unprofessional especially when they already own a domain and it’s only a matter of setting up an email server.

I recently was told about protonmail, which is a small secure email provider. It offers you the security by encrypting your emails with your password (So choose a strong one) and also your data is stored in a data center “underneath 1000 meters of solid rock”. The communication is oviously also end-to-end encrypted and overall it’s one of the most secure email services I’ve ever seen. The emails are accessed over the browser which means their not stored locally (For mobile there’s an android and iOS app). That’s both negative and positive. For one your messages are savely stored on the servers and even if someone had access to your local files they’d be safe. On the other hand you always have to login to use your email. Currently there’s no way to safe your login, which is probably intended for extra security. You can safe your login information but that would be counterproductive so I recommend to use a password manager.

Currently I haven’t completely switched to protonmail but if I’ll end up using it as my main email address I’ll probably ditch my email client and just have the proton inbox open in a tab for the most time so I don’t have to login over and over.

To sum it up: Try protonmail out, it’s pretty nifty if you care about security and your email domain will stick out in the masses of gmail addresses. Just note that if you use the free plan your emails will have this signature:

Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

So if you care about your privacy and want to support the people behind proton mail you can donate to them or get protonmail plus for 48 $/€/CHF per year and get some advantages.