Overwatch on linux

Overwatch on linux
Overwatch 1.11 running on arch linux through wine-overwatch-2.8
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Yeah you read that right. Overwatch uses a directx 11 based engine and therefore the chances of ever getting a native linux port are close to zero. So the only way to ever play that game on anything else than windows is wine. But even wine can’t help you with dx11 games. Or can it? A while back I searched around about whether or not the game was playable through wine and only found that since it was using directx 11 it won’t be possible anytime soon.

Wine is pretty good at running windows software and even games on linux and MacOS. It even is so good that supposedly the mac version of sims 3 is just the windows version running through wine. Older games using directx 9 run almost perfectly with it, but once again Overwatch uses one of the latest iterations of directx, which is a collection of APIs used for creating games.

A few days back I once again searched to find out whether or not Overwatch was playable through wine and to my surprise there actually was. I stumbled upon some videos by djazz which show him playing the game on linux. From there on out I found out about lutris, which is somehting like playonlinux but in my opinion better. I followed the rather simple installation process and there we go: Overwatch running on linux through a custom version of wine which contains patches for Overwatch.

Sadly it seems that with my current setup it performs very poorly but if you have a decent PC you might be able to play it without needing windows. So if you want to give it a try first get lutris from here. Then head over to this page and click install. This will open up lutris which will guide you through the installation. If you already have Overwatch on another hdd (Maybe because you play it on windows) you can save some time by either copying it or using a symlink.

If you encounter problems installing it you can also join the discord and ask your questions in the #lutris channel. Also if this works for you, then you should go ahead and thank strider, djazz and (I think) gamax92 on the discord because they’re the ones who made that possible. You can also give the lutris devs some money on patreon, because they did an awesome job creating an open source gaming platform.

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