Customizable Startpage

GitHub offers one free domain for each user and a domain for each repository. I never used them until recently when I had the urge to finally get myself a website and since I don’t want to pay for a server and a domain name I got myself a site. It’s free, but you’ll have to write the entire site by yourself and the source code has to be public.

Since none of these conditions are an issue to me I went ahead and created It’s nothing special currently but at least it’s something. But I also wanted a custom startpage that I see when I start my browser or when I open a new tab. So I made a sub link /search/, which gives you a start page which you can configure by clicking on “cfg”. All settings are saved via cookies and reapplied when reloading the page. You can configure these things:

  • background image
  • background color
  • the quick links at the bottom and their color
  • the accent color (secondary color)

It’s nothing much but maybe you’ll find it useful. I know that I’ll use it 😛

Sourcecode for the entire webpage.

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