If you’ve paid attention to my past posts I showed off my setup twice which both times included a music player with music by “Savant”. He’s a fairly unknown artist from Norway. He produced music under a multitude of different aliases like Vinter in Hollywood, Vinter in Vegas, Megatron, Datakrash or Blanco just to name a few. His real name is Aleksander Vinter and currently he primarily releases music as Savant and occasionally as Datakrash. If you look up the meaning of savant (or maybe you already know it), you’ll find out that it was a term to describe people that have exceptional mental abilities like being able to calculate the weekday of a certain date within seconds (for the record the formula for that is pretty complex). Nowadays this is called Asperger’s syndrome, which Vinter was diagnosed with. But Savant is a way cooler word so I guess that’s why he went with that.

Since he doesn’t give out all that much information I can’t tell you how much is true or not but the fact is that the dude does not stop making music. The amount he has put out in the last few years is insane. I first heard his album Invasion and when I discovered his other stuff I was busy for weeks listening to all of it.

If you don’t want to read all of this you might be interested in a video from UKF in which Vinter was interviewed. It shows that the guy has a pretty interesting view on things:

The thing that got me into his music is the fact that he’s producing electronic music while still finding room to fit in unexpected things that sets it apart from the usual generic electronic stuff. If you want to know what I’m talking about give this one a listen:

To be fair the chances of you enjoying this piece aren’t that high. It’s pretty flashy and aggressive but the interesting part is the beginning. I’m no musician but I’d say that the melody at the beginning itself is more complex than what most top electronic producers can come up with. That kinda stuff got me into his music. He always has an interesting way of coming up with new things. On the one hand it’s electronic music on the other hand you’ll never know what you’ll get with his songs. Vinter also doesn’t solely produce electronic. Every alias does different stuff with Savant being the more EDM type stuff.

He also does (or rather did) ambient and mellow music with Vinter in Hollywood or metal with Megatron. So yeah his discography is rather diverse to say the least but he usually only works on one alias with Savant being the biggest one since that got the most attention.

So yeah if you’re feeling adventurous check out his bandcamp, twitter, youtube, subreddit or soundcloud and see if you like anything. I started when youtube suggested me his album Invasion and got hooked on it from there (Btw that one is free on bandcamp if you wanna cheap out :P)


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