Sticking with the theme of writing at least one article a month I’ll just put this one out since I can’t really think of anything else to write about.

And it’s about Tetris, but I’m not calling it Tetris because why not.

Because my other project was a little too ambitious I thought that starting with something easier should allow me to finish it. For now it seems that this thought might work out but I don’t want to make any preliminary statements. This time I’m only using SDL2 and bass.

Since I threw out SDL2_image and SDL2_ttf I can’t load images over any other format than *.bmp and I can’t use any fancy fonts. But SDL on its own already offers enough tools for something as simple as Tetris. I can load a single *.bmp file as my texture atlas and apply a color key to it. All text that is displayed on screen is therefore only a static texture. The only other library that I’m using is bass which I use to play *.xm files. I use xm modules or Fast Tracker modules to play the original Tetris music which is chiptune. This allows me to feed bass the xm files instead of playing wav files or mp3 files which would require SDL2_mixer. Also the xm files are way smaller than normal audio formats since they contain only the samples and the order their played in instead of saving the entire audio wave. So a little bit like MIDI.

And other than that I don’t have much to show. I’m trying to get the bricks placed and moving but yeah as always I avoid the main task until the very end and then probably realize that it’s more work than I initially anticipated.