For the longest time my choice for a webbrowser has always been Firefox. I used chrome for a couple of month at one point, but I always came back to FF. Maybe that’s because before chrome was a thing and Internet Explorer was even worse than it is now there was only one alternative and that was Firefox.

I always stuck to it because I trusted Firefox and the company behind it: Mozilla. They always gave me the impression that they are a company that tries to provide an open and free webbrowser that is efficient, open-source, cross-platform and focusing on your privacy, and they still do give off that impression but recently they made some choices that show of their other intentions.

I switched to Opera recently because the new Firefox quantum froze constantly but I intended to come back to FF as soon as that was fixed since I really liked the new look and backend that Firefox got but then I read about how Mozilla remotely installed a plugin without asking for permission. The plugin supposedly showed ads for a new TV series and Mozilla made a deal with the producers of that series. So the way things are currently at I will not switch back to Firefox. Opera is a nice browser with many interesting features like a free VPN (cool, but if there’s no product then you are the product) and integrated ad-blocker, but it was recently acquired by a Chinese company so I’m also not intending to stay with Opera for to long since I would like to use an independent and open-source browser.

If you want a video that sums up the entire issue you can watch this one (Edit: You can’t, it was deleted :/)

It covers even more issues than the one with the remote installed plugin but the general point is that Mozilla is not the company or foundation that you’d think they are. I feel a little dumb that I just now found out that Mozilla is indeed a profit oriented company even though they also have a foundation which is supposedly non-profit.

Even though I currently use Opera I have some other alternatives for those who now are unsure if they want to continue to use Firefox:

  • Waterfox (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android)
  • GNU IceCat (Linux, Couldn’t find any Windows/macOS binaries)
  • Iceweasel (Linux, Windows build on sourceforge)
  • Vivaldi (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Midori (Linux, Windows)
  • Brave (Mac, Linux, Windows)

I have not used any of the above so you’ll have to them out yourself and see which one you like.

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