RSS Feeds

This has been on my mind for a while, but I just thought I’d actually write about it before I forget it again. I’ve known about RSS feeds for quite some time but never bothered to look into them and as it turns out I should’ve.

RSS, short for Rich Site Summary, is a nice way of getting all kinds of news from across the web in one place. The best thing about it is that how you view it is entirely up to you. All you need is a program to organize it. I originally used Thunderbird, which allowed me to combine RSS and email into one program, but the amount of news I got made it run sluggish so I switched to RSS Guard because it’s faster and more configurable.

No matter what client you want to use you’ll almost certainly receive the news very similar to email:

The more important thing though is, that you can get feeds from pages you might not expect to. For example I use a feed for my YouTube subscriptions, that way I’m not even logged into google anymore since all I needed from that account was a subscription box. You can export your subscriptions into a RSS feed over here. Also you can use this site to find feeds for pages which don’t seem to offer any obvious way to obtain the feed link. Usually their marked with the RSS logo, but sometimes the feed isn’t easily accessible.

That’s basically it, you can import and export your feeds to back them up and if you want to go through the trouble you can also sync your feed, so that if you have multiple devices you wont get the same news marked as unread twice.

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