About me

If you’ve come this far I guess you either accidentally clicked on the wrong link or you want to know a little more about me. On the off chance that the latter one applies here’s some information about me:

I’m 18 years old, born and raised somewhere in the south of Germany. My name’s Alexander and I got interested in computers, games and programming roughly seven years ago starting with Visual Basic, which was the first thing that I ran into when I wanted to know how computer programs are made.

Later I got introduced to Minecraft, which I continued to play for a couple of years. Through that game I learned Java and started to make my own mods for the game, which I still maintain today even though I stopped playing the game.

I like the idea of open-source software and projects in general so when my computer started to slow down I decided to switch to Linux for a while. I first used Ubuntu and later tried out Debian and ultimately settled for Arch Linux which I used for over a year as my sole operating system. While using Linux I started to discover its vast possibilities for customization and started to write some smaller programs in C and C++.

Nowadays I run Windows mainly because of Overwatch, which doesn’t run very well through wine. I do hope to return to Linux sooner or later though.

Which brings me to the present. I’ll (hopefully) finish school later this summer and start studying game engineering or something other related to IT.

That’s about it. A brief (and obviously cut) history of myself. There’s obviously other things I’m interested in besides programming. Namely video and (some) photo editing, as well as some writing (duh).

Now that I’ve introduced myself there’s not much left than to leave you some ways to contact me, just in case you want to return the favor:

So yeah, thanks for reading (I’ll just assume you did :P).

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